GLORIA, like ERAP, must answer for her crimes!

13 September 2007

A day after the Sandiganbayan handed over the guilty verdict of ousted President Joseph Estrada on plunder charges, the human rights alliance Karapatan said “Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, like Erap, must answer for her crimes too.”

Karapatan was one of the first few organizations that called for Estrada’s ouster due to human rights violations caused by the regime’s Oplan Makabayan.

Speaking on behalf of the many victims of human rights violations that it assists, Karapatan said, “We hope to see the day when Macapagal-Arroyo will be charged and arrested for massive civil, political and human rights violations. We may be dreaming, but we also hope that Gloria be the first president to be convicted, by domestic courts for her heinous crimes against the people.”

Before her term is over in 2010 and she can be criminally charged, the Supreme Court must make AFP Commander-In-Chief Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to answer the writ of habeas petition filed by Mrs. Edita Burgos for the enforced disappearance of her son Jonas. Mrs. Arroyo was named respondent in the said petition along with AFP Chief of Staff Hermogenes Esperon and other military officials.

If Congress can muster another impeachment complaint before her term ends, they will do service and justice not only to the families of 886 victims of extrajudicial killings and 184 victims of enforced disappearance but they will help prevent more people being victimized by her undeclared martial law.

Karapatan said, “We want her out of Malacañng and thrown behind bars at the soonest possible time for the terrorism and havoc she has wrought because of Oplan Bantay Laya I and II.” ###


One response

  1. The much awaited, polemical and historic promulgation of former president Estradas plunder case had come. Expectedly the verdict was guilty and speculation from various sectors in our society.

    Widespread corruption and plunder of peoples coffer is an appendage to our rotten political and bureaucratic system. Apparently such practices existed so long time ago even before Christ manly due to personal greed and avarise of power.

    There’s a notion that Erap’s conviction of plunder is a warning sign to some corrupt officials and that our democratic process and justice system is stell alive. Hoping so but I beg to disagree.

    First, Erap’s case is a political trial. The present ruling clique maximized the sitvation and opportunity to cover-up and pleased the whole world that they are sincerely fighting graft and corruption with the fact that Philippines ranks number one as the must corrupt
    country in Asia.

    Secondly, the three(3) magistrates who tried and convicted Erap are very susceptible to any sort of political pressures and accomodations. We can’t expect anyone who gets a stone and knocks on it own head.

    Thirdly, The recent regime have no high moral ground to convict Erap in which were also haunted by issues of illegitamancy, rampant human righ violations, corruptions and lot of rapacious transactions entered upon.With all hypocrisy they accused and pointed its one finger to other but unknowingly the four fingers were being aimed to the accuser of plunder.

    If ever the Arroyo regime can prosecute and convict corrupt government officials who were politically-allied with PGMA and still in power maybe theycan gain the trust and confident of the people. Like the fertilizer scam of Jocjoc Bolante, the multi-billion kickback of Hernani Perez, the anomalous National Broadband Project, the alleged over-pricing of the ASEAN Summit projects and many others.What a very impossible dream?

    A sad reality, graft and corruption in our country had become a cancerous and contangeous disease that hampers the genuine development of our Motherland. Cureless? Nay, it needs a general operation and overhauling of the entire system.

    Jigger Geverola
    political prisoner
    AFP-Camp Lapu-Lapu

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