14 September 2007

The release of Prof. Jose Maria Sison from the National Penitentiary in Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands at around 6:30PM, September 13 (Philippine time), should come as a resounding slap on the face of that illegal tenant in Malacanang.

Since Sison’s arrest on August 28, Gloria Arroyo and her lackeys have been harping doomsday scenes for the communist movement as if everything revolves around this one man so far away. They went on to blame him for every destabilization plot of Gloria’s own making, even ascribing to him government’s culpability in the rising number of activists being executed.

Now comes the Dutch court saying there are no “sufficient indications that the accused [Sison], while living in the Netherlands, committed the offenses he is charged with, in deliberate and close cooperation with the perpetrators in the Philippines.” It added, “Neither do they [charges] contain sufficient concrete indications that the accused incited others to commit these serious offenses.”

Yet, the political persecution of Prof. Sison is far from over. Gloria and gang are expected to concoct more trumped up charges against him as what they are doing to every known critic of this corrupt and militarist government here.

In Cebu alone, 27 activists, including three of our staff were charged with multiple murders by the 78th IB on April, 19, 2006. The trumped up charges were junked by the Regional Trial Court in Toledo City on July, 12, 2007 for “utter lack of probable of cause.” Still, one can see the government’s desperation in quelling dissent and silencing critics by whatever means.

Gloria will fail though. Justice is wielded by the people. And it is about to fall on her government.###


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