UA Update


10 December 2007071207arraignment-16b.jpg

10 peasant activists & 9-mo-old baby freed after 3 weeks in prison

UA Update, re: Mass Arrest in Tuburan, Cebu (UA071120)

 We, in KARAPATAN, would like to express our gratitude to all who supported and responded to the urgent call for the release of ten (10) peasant activists and a 9-month-old baby arrested and detained by state security forces on November 18, 2007.

We recognized the sincerest efforts of many from various sectors for contributing to the bail fund campaign thus effecting the temporary liberty of the victims on December 6, 2007.

We also warmly acknowledge the indefatigable dedication of their lawyers, Atty. Joan Saniel, Atty. Francisco Amit, Jr., Atty. Emmanuel Jude Bernido, Atty. Jose Vicente M. Arnado and Atty. Alfonso M. Cinco, IV, who volunteered their services in defending the rights of the victims and their struggle for genuine agrarian reform.

Jubilant of this initial victory, we however take cognizant of the continuing threats posed by military agents, particularly soldiers of the 78th Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army, who have worked with the landgrabber in harassing and arresting the farmers.

Thus, we urged all concerned individuals, groups and institutions to remain steadfast in their support for the victims and the entire Filipino peasantry until the full realization of owning the land they till is realized.###


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