When a CHR investigator turns AFP SPOKESPERSON

This is in response to the statement of Jesus Cañete, CHR investigator in Dumaguete .

We believe he should first do real investigation, in stead of just parroting out what Lt. Col. Gacal says.

What he claims as a “one-man investigation” was actually a platoon-sized charade directed and starred by 11th IB soldiers who herded residents in a “pulong-pulong” with him.


In this light we ask: When did Jesus Canete become the mouthpiece of the AFP?

He has no capacity to delve into the human rights violations since he is incapable of investigating both sides of the story. Canete didn’t even bother to ask BAYAN Muna leader Lourdes Baloy why she is subjected to AFPs hate campaign. He is just content in reiterating AFPs worn-out lines in maligning legitimate organizations and calling Lourdes as ‘NPA rice-collector’.

How should one investigate? Why Canete didn’t consider the background of the four peasants ‘invited’ by the military prior to the execution of their affidavits? Perhaps, it would interest him to know how the peasants end up in the detachments. Or does he really believe that the peasants have a choice to turn down a summon or ‘invitation’ from the military. If he does not think that “mere invitation from police/military already constitute an arrest”, then he should review his constitution.

And what of the coerced resolution of the Brgy. Council of Linantuyan banning unfavored groups to enter their place, and allowing the military to dwell in their Brgy. Hall? Any lay man can see that as the self-serving work of the military. Anyone in his right mind knows that it is legally infirm and unconstitutional. Yet, Jesus Canete can not.

This only paints the true color of actual martial rule reigning in Negros: military supremacy justified by fake human rights investigator. ###


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