Continue Victor’s Cause

It’s been two years since the killing of Victor Olayvar, chairperson of BAYAN-Bohol, but like all other cases of political killings in the Philippines, justice remains very elusive.

Prior to his assassination, Victor was the target of a series of death threats and harassment of the 15th Infantry Batallion-Philippine Army AFP in Bohol until the threats were consummated into a horrendous crime on September 7, 2006.  On that day at about 7:25 in the morning, Victor Olayvar was waylaid by suspected 15th IB agents at Caban bridge, Brgy. Cantubod, Danao, Bohol.

His strong stand towards meaningful change has made him a subject for annihilation by the Arroyo government. It is sad that in this country, fighting for freedom, human rights, and genuine democracy is a crime.

In Central Visayas, Victor is among the 22 activists murdered by suspected state security forces under the framework of Arroyo’s counter-insurgency program “Oplan Bantay Laya II.”

Like the other victims of political killings, Victor was harassed and maligned by the AFP in its flyers and radio programs.   It is alarming indeed that Lt. Pedro Inserto is now openly branding KARAPATAN-CV as “terrorists” and accusing us of “lawyering for NPAs.”  Wittingly or unwittingly he is setting the stage for  stage for increased attacks against us.

This we can not allow.  We will not be cowed.  We will raise up Victor’s cause to end the sytemic cycle of violence and justice be done.###

Justice to Victor!

Justice to Victims of political Killings!

Justice to Victims of state terrorism!


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