So the Public May Know


05 September, 2008


Major Christopher Tampus is again lying through his teeth, when he told a reporter of a local daily (SSD, 09/03/08, p.A10) that he invited me to attend the blessing of bones he ostensibly unearthed recently.

First of all, there was no attempt at contacting me through my cell phone or my office landline. In fact, there was not even an attempt at contacting any of my colleagues through their mobile phones or our office number for any invitation whatsoever.

For sure, any such attempt would register call information in our phones.

The fact is Tampus has no plans to invite us to begin with because he is afraid that their latest theatrics would be subjected to critical scrutiny and exposed as mere propaganda.

He is afraid that the truth be known to all and sundry that justice remains elusive for Mauricio Anogot and family 23 years after the activist family was massacred by troops of the 341st Philippine Constabulary Company and 66th Infantry Batallion in Balamban, Cebu.

He is afraid that the public will be reminded that the killings of political activists and perceived enemies of the state continue 36 years after the declaration of Martial Law.###


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