the Search for Justice Continues for DESAPARECIDOS

October 31, 2008

Press Statement

As we honour and remember our loved ones in the cemeteries on All
Souls’ Day,
the families and friends of the disappeared has nowhere to go. Their
loved ones, who were abducted by government agents, remain nowhere to
be found.

Luz Alfante and Elisa Badyos, wives of the desaparecidos

As we demand justice from the US-Arroyo government, we join the families
and friends of the
desaparecidos in remembering these people’s martyrs with flowers and candles.

This offering symbolizes our unwavering commitment in seeking justice to the victims of state terrorism. In this offering comes the untiring hope that breath life to each and every heart to remain steadfast in the search amidst pessimism and helplessness that the government evokes.

Three more victims of enforced disappearances this year adds up to the lengthening list of desaparecidos in Central Visayas. Peasant activists Flaviano Arante and Reynold Yanoc, and alleged NPA member Calixto Alfante, were all abducted by government soldiers in Negros Oriental in January and June this year. in Central Visayas alone, there are now 19 documented cases of politically-motivated enforced disappearances since 1985, including those of Fr.Rudy Romano and Levy Ybanez.

From 2002 until June 2008, there are now 186 documented cases of enforced disappearances.

Thus, we reiterate the call for the Gloria government and its armed minions to stop this vicious Marcosian form of human rights violation.

We call for the AFP to surface and release the desaparecidos.

We demand for justice to all vicitms of state terrorism!


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