Letter From Prison

by Ramon Patriarca, political detainee

Danao City Jail

Feb. 26, 2009

Allow me to share my musings on the fabricated charges leveled against me by my tormentors.

Not satisfied with having abducted, tortured, and detained me incommunicado, my tormentors continue oppressing me with another false charge that I allegedly possessed explosives and a gun when they abducted me.

How I wish I have those in my possession.

If I have those at that time, the police and soldiers would not have an easy time ganging me up and wrapping my head with duct tape. If I only have those, the police and soldiers would not be able to force me inside a vehicle and bring me to their safehouse where they tortured and debased me.

Maybe even if I have those, they would still have their way. But then again, at least I would have a chance of defending my rights by the barrel of a gun.

If only.

*Ramon Patriarca was abducted by joint elements of the CPPO & 78th IBPA in Brgy. Casili, Consolacion, Cebu on Feb. 5, 2009 (Thursday), at around 11AM over trumped up charge of rebellion. He was missing until Feb.8, 2009 (Sunday) when the HMIG7-ISAFP-CENTCOM was forced to transfer him to the CPPO compound, Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City amidst a human rights picket outside the compound and the issuance of the Writ of Amparo by a regional trial court that same day.

In an open court hearing the next day (Feb.9), Judge Geraldine Econg castigated the police and military for the torture of Patriarca who testified at the witness stand of being beaten up, subjected to ‘water cure,’ made to wear diaper and threatened with more harm during the interrogation.

also see:To Stop Torture: Court Orders Transfer of Detainee to DOJ


Recent Case Highlights Need for Anti-Torture Law, KARAPATAN

Detainee’s Older Brother Goes to Supreme Court


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