Free Danny Badayos & All Political Prisoners!

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Statement of Political Prisoners in Central Visayas


It has been over a year since Pnoy took the reins of power from the much-despised Arroyo regime, but nothing seems to have changed beyond that.

Our existence as political detainees highlights this fact.  This continuing phenomenon of political detention follows only extra-judicial killings, disappearances and torture as the most ignominious form of political persecution.   This continuity rebuts Pnoy’s false homage to human rights.  This exposes the tattered state of basic civil liberties.

The government has been trying to cover up our existence by charging us with criminal offenses.   Yet it can not hide the despicable horror of political persecution when the premier human rights alliance KARAPATAN-Central Visayas records at least 54 individuals who were illegally arrested in 11 incidents in Cebu, Bohol, and Negros Oriental since June, 2010.

The victims were subjected to varied level of torture and harassment during interrogation.  Two of them, namely Danny Badayos and Marilyn Badayos, would be actually charged with trumped up cases in Dumaguette City at a time when PNoy was boasting of his love for peace and human rights. Danny and Marilyn are among the 30 political detainees arrested in the first year of Pnoy’s presidency and part of the 345 political prisoners in the country.

Pnoy could still make amends. He could start by releasing us unconditionally.

He could still put flesh to his avowed commitment to its peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front by releasing all peace consultants, including Danny Badayos and Ramon Patriarca.

To reiterate this call, we are joining our compatriots in various jails across the country in launching a nationwide fasting on July 22 to July 24, 2011 and noise barrage on July 25, 2011.

We are also calling on the church and all concerned instituions to support our just cause through sympathy fast and other forms.ÿ

For the people:

Alberto Acerdin                 Alison Alcantara              Danny Badayos                      Marilyn Badayos

Danao City Jail                        Talisay City Jail                     Dumaguette City Jail              Dumaguette City Jail

Ricky de la Cruz                   Ramon Patriarca                 Florencio Quino    

Dumaguette City Jail            Danao City Jail                           Bohol District Jail


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