Defying law & order

It has been a week since the court in Danao City ordered the return of peace consultant Ramon Patriarca to regular detention, but until now authorities are not lifting a finger to expedite his transfer from the Central Command.

Their continued inaction is not only an affront to a lawful court order, but also a direct defiance to the rule of law.  They do not only attack the rights of political prisoner Patriarca, but they also bastardize the entire judicial process already debilitated by allegations of partisanship and graft.

Their actions and inactions only underscore their abandonment of their oath to uphold the constitution.  In so doing, they relinquished any moral ascendancy to govern and be followed.

In response, the political prisoners and all victims of their abuse of power are right to disregard their authority and challenge their hold over our lives.

Thus, we are supporting the call of political prisoners for a general fasting to demand for a stop to political persecution and release of all political prisoners.

Other action may be necessary until these authorities take heed.


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