27 November 2008

The Capitol complex is not a private estate that should be converted into a provincial jail at whim.

This is the reaction of the premier human rights umbrella KARAPATAN on the statement of self-styled jail overlord Byron Garcia, brother and consultant of Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, to install surveillance cameras at the IBP Building inside the complex.

Garcia was quoted in a local daily (CDN, 11/27/08, p.4) to have made the proposal to spy on the activities at the IBP building in the aftermath of a verbal tussle between the IBP and the Garcia’s over parking fee in the complex.

“Such Marcosian kind of knee-jerk reaction at settling disputes betrays the gung-ho attitude at authority not suited for a supposedly democratic society,” declared jean Suarez, advocacy officer of KARAPATAN.

“Instead of readily jumping for the guns, these so-called authorities should first conduct public consultations on the sanity of their policies,” Suarez said.

KARAPATAN likened the installation of more surveillance cameras at the Capitol compound as a provincial jail in the making.

“With all the ugly grills and blockades, the capitol is looking much like a police camp, or worse another Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center” Suarez added.


Jean Suarez, (032) 255-5549

KARAPATAN-Central Visayas


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