welcome reprieve

01 February 2013

It is a welcome reprieve that the melodrama at the Provincial Capitol is coming to an end. It is unwanted political soap opera that inconvenienced many more than it entertained some.

With the suspended governor sneaking out of her former office for campaign sorties in the South, it was only high time for acting Gov. Agnes Magpale to draw the curtains down and keep the former out. Of course, the latter could have done it earlier, but let us just say Cebuano courtesy got the better of her. Somehow, it may not be polite to pounce on someone during the height of their Sinulog ecstasy.

In any case, damage has been done. The suspended governor’s defiance of her suspension order has severely put into question the value of the quintessential principle of “rule of law”.

For victims of human rights violations and injustice, that adage already stands on shaky grounds. To see it violated at whim by officials who interpret legal procedures in their own way, compromises further the rationale behind the existing system of accountability. To see court rulings set aside nonchalantly by factions of the powerful only emphasizes the inutility of existing legal processes.

Other government officials in a similar predicament may also resort to the same tactics. They may even have better results in mobilizing respectable crowd for their elitist purposes. They may even achieve their goals

In the meantime, the marginalized and the real victims of state persecution would do well to take lessons from this sideshow to heart in crafting better system of governance and dispensation of justice.


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