Follow the Pope

PRESS STATEMENT               13 February 2013

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI as Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church should inspire our ageing politicos to follow his example.   His resignation over his health and old age should give our shriveled politicians something to ponder on as the election fever revisits the country.   

“Like a lightning bolt in a clear blue sky,” to borrow the words of Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Pope’s resignation should strike those in public service with the humility to give way to rising, younger leaders.  Similarly, aspirants for government positions should give way to younger candidates of untiring dedication and unquestionable track record, instead of just bequeathing posts to family members or to party zealots.

And if they do resign, they should do so without hoopla.  If they want to resign, they should do so irrevocably.

It is not asking for epiphany, but for common sense.  It is time to give the young a shot at governance, and the electorate a breath of fresh choices.###


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