Pol Prisoner Holds Hunger Strike for Fr.Romano and All Victims of Rights Abuse

1199752212A political prisoner in Cebu marked the 28th year commemoration of the abduction and disappearance of Redemptorist priest Rudy Romano on July 11, 2013 with a hunger strike until the Presidential State-of-the-Nation Address on July 22, 2013.

Subsisting exclusively on fluids, Ramon Patriarca timed his protest on the day of the activist priest’s abduction to support call of KARAPATAN for truth and justice on Romano’s fate.

It is also intended to protest the continuing attacks on human rights that have led to 16 cases of enforced disappearances, 142 cases of extra-judicial killings and 164 cases of frustrated killings in barely three years of Pinoy’s reign. There were also 76 cases of torture and 293 cases of arbitrary arrests.

The hunger strike serves as a condemnation of the same policies enunciated by the much-despised Marcos dictatorship and continued by the Aquino government.

Patriarca is demanding a stop on political persecution, release of all political prisoners, and the resumption of the peace talks.


Dennis Abarientos


Tel.No.: 0933-340-1077


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