PNP sued by peasant activists

Not just the chief, but practically the entire police force in Carmen, Cebu, was sued by peasant activists yesterday (12 August 2013) afternoon “for fabricating evidence, perjury and other corrupt practices that state security forces employ habitually against political dissenters.”

Hauled before the Office of the Ombudsman were station commander C/Insp. Jason Mangaron, and troops SP03 Renerio Masacol, Jr., SP01 Rolen Pescalia, P03 Roger Delan, P02 Arnel Manos, and P01 Cristito Aresco.

They were charged for planting evidence against Erlinda Into, Chairperson of KMP-Cebu, and her husband Leonides, member of Cantipay Farmers’ Association, in the aftermath of an illegal raid on their home last year.   They were also responsible for violently manhandling the victims during the abduction and subsequent detention of victims. 

The premier human rights alliance KARAPATAN, who assisted the victims, said the counter-suit was lodged after the prosecutor recently elevated to the court the trumped-up charges of illegal possession of firearms and direct assault against the peasant couple.

KARAPATAN condemned the police practice of manufacturing evidence to harass political activists and quell dissent as part of the government’s fascist Oplan Bayanihan program.

It vowed to frustrate this government program in unity with all victims of “state-terror” by “courageously seeking justice, truth and accountability” in “all possible venues and fora here and abroad.“

“The latest counter-suit filed by the victims is only part of a string of actions by human rights defenders in counter-acting state-sponsored attacks on our most basic liberties,” said Dennis Abarientos, secretary-general of KARAPATAN-Central Visayas.###


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