end-impunityThe human rights alliance KARAPATAN in Cebu strongly condemns the ambush-slaying of human rights lawyer Atty. Mia Manuelita Mascariñas-Green in Tagbilaran City last Wednesday, as it calls for a stop to vigilante-style killings in the country.

KARAPATAN-CEBU said this climate of impunity has emboldened more vigilante-style attacks even against well-meaning members of our communities.

The group points at the government’s war on drugs for worsening the situation “as it acts as spawning ground for guns-for-hire and other murderous criminals to hone their craft.”

It demanded that justice be served the soonest before our people totally lose all trust in our system.

The group remembered Atty. Mia as “a feisty human rights lawyer who has taken up cudgels for victims of human rights violations in Bohol.”  One of these cases was that of alleged NPA leader Ronald Sendrijas, who was later gunned down by motorcycle-riding men after his release from jail in 2008.

It said until her untimely death Atty. Mia has consistently supported human rights campaigns. ###


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