KARAPATAN-Central Visayas


MAGBABAOL (farmer): poem from prison

by Edgardo Sacamay/Casimiro Cabalquinto

Matanlas ang tubig nga atong tunlon

Nga ilawom sa atabay atong makita?

Apan sa tutunlan sa giuhaw dili modaligdig
Samtang dili kuhaon pinaagi sa pagtimba

Mangutana tingali kamo kanako
Unsa kanang malisod sabton

Apan tugob sa kahulogan
Ang kahimtang niya ipananglit ko sa tigmo

Kinsa kanang anak sa adlaw MAGBABAOL SA KAYUTAAN
Lawas, bayhon niya nagkabulingit
Ang iyang sapot nagkagidlay

Apan baya magbabanwag siya sa kangitngit
Ug sa tanang binuhat maglilipay

Apan adunay tawo nga walay balatian

Moyam-id ug mobiaybiay, kon mosangpit ang kabus dili tinggan
Kon makita niya ang lawas nga sa lapuk nagkabulingit
Ug ang iyang sapot nagkagidlay

Unsay bili sa imong SALAPI UG KINAADMAN?
Kon ang kusog sa kabus Kanimo ITUNGINA?

Magbabaol pagkapait sa imong kaagi
Apan pagkadako ug kapuslanan sa imong kakugi

Angayan nga ikaw pasidunggan sa tibuok kalibutan
Kay ikaw ang nagbadila sa tinuod K A D A U G A N . . .


in memory of Liezelda Cuñado

She was four years old,

Her dreams of colors
And beautiful world
Was cut, abruptly.

In that dawn of darkness
In that dawn that forever
Vanished the sunrise
In her life.
And her sister’s
And her father’s.

Dianne’s mother
In front of her.

She was shot
By someone from the ranks
Of what they call military assets.

Dianne cannot understand
Not yet,
Not now

When she grows up
And finds out
That her mother was an activist,
She will understand.

She may follow her footsteps.
She may become an activist too.
She may also fight for the rights of the people.

She may even take arms
And become what them military
Have tagged her mother:
Rebel. Subversive. Communist.

Them military
Them state terrorists.

They never understand.

For every single life they take mercilessly
They give birth to many more
Who will continue

To fight
And claim the victory of the people.

Like Dianne
And her sister
And her father

Or you
And me.


4 responses

  1. The military should stop this stupid behaviour. Otherwise, there will be more people will go to the mountain for a revenge. They supposed to serve and protect the people, but they become the oppressors, perpetrators, and we may call them “criminals”.

  2. Mabuhay! Please help us raise awareness re Ericson Acosta, an artist and journalist illegally arrested by the military in Samar last February. We’ve heard about how crucial the role played by HR advocates from the Central Visayas was during Palparan’s time in Samar-Leyte. We also hope you could help us reach Archbishop Palma (formerly of the Calbayog diocese)… Thank You.

    Free Ericson Acosta Campaign

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