Some of the Desaparecidos in Central Visayas

In the wake of Gloria Arroyo’s War of Terror

In the heels of Joseph Estrada’s Total War

Victims of Cory Aquino’s so-called ‘Magic’

On the Throes of Marcos Dictatorship


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  1. The date of his birth also became the date of his death.

    Mario who lived in a squatter beside a very high end subdivision decided to buy some load to thank friends for the greetings and stayed sitting along the sidewalk to watch the kids playing and talking about the basketball game. According to the kids Mario kept looking on his cellphone checking if the load was sent already.

    Mario Bantasan had just turned 32 when he was shot dead in Barangay Banilad shortly before midnight.

    Witnesses said it was Mark Anthony Boyo, 28, a liaison officer of JPV Emission Testing Center and member of the Barangay Intelligence Network of the Cebu City Theft and Robbery Section; and Efren Navales, 45, a resident of Barangay Banilad, Mandaue City, who shot the victim.

    There were reportedly seven witnesses, all of them minors, but only 3 talked to authorities Witnesses said they were sitting and talking by the roadside together with the victim when Navales rode up to them on a motorcycle.

    Navales allegedly introduced himself to them as a policeman and said: “Ayaw mo dagan, pulis ko og moabot akong mga kauban.” (Don’t go anywhere, I’m a cop and there are others right behind me).”

    While Navales called someone through his cellular phone, a man wearing a full face helmet drove up on another motorcycle, passed by them and made a U-turn before stopping in front of them.The man on the second motorcycle suddenly shot the victim twice as the informants scampered to safety.

    The motorcycle used by the second man, which had no plate number, was found abandoned near the crime scene.

    A few minutes later, Boyo, a resident of Umapad, Mandaue City, was spotted nearby by the Mabolo police. The witnesses pointed to him as the one who shot the victim because he allegedly had the same build the same shoes and pants the killer used.

    Police frisked him and recovered a 9mm cal. Norinco pistol, a magazine with 15 live rounds, a TRS identification card, firearm license, and permit to carry firearm all in his name, a fan knife, a hand-held radio and a cellular phone.

    Police recovered two empty .45 cal. shells from the crime scene, which did not match Boyo’s firearm.

    The motorcycle used by the killer with no plate number and was left behind, only the suspect Mark Anthony Boyo was able to start it with one try after several attempts by the police.

    Navales, who was also positively identified by the informants, voluntarily surrendered to the police.

    The victim, who was shot twice in the chest, was rushed to the Gullas Memorial Hospital for treatment but did not make it there alive.

    First shot the victim still beg the killer to not shot again since he did not do anything but again the killer shot the second bullet that ended Marios life.

    Prior to the incident, PO3 Leroy Baguio of the Homicide Section said, a house across where the victim and the witnesses gathered was stoned by someone.

    Navales, in an interview, said that upon learning this, he approached the group to confront them. He said this was when someone from behind him shot the victim.

    “Akong giduol labi na kay gabii na kaayo. Miaksyon sila ug panghawa pero nagpabilin tong biktima. Nganong muhawa daw siya wala man siya’y gibuhat. Bag-o ra daw siya naabot didto. Samtang nanawag ko sa pulis, didto sa likod nako, naay namusil unya ang kadtong namatay ang giigo,” he said.
    I approached them specially its late night.They immediately stood up but the victim was left behind.He said why i should leave, im am not doing anything bad. He just arrived in there. While i was calling the police.In my back somebody shot him and hit the victim.

    Boyo said he went to respond to the area after hearing that there was a commotion. He was approaching the area when he was pointed to as the assailant, which he denied.

    Actually Mario Bantasan was so happy and excited on his birthday May 16, 2011 he have a new laundry customer. His job was to wash clothes of neighbors to earn a decent living and be able to help his sister put food on their tables. He never …asked for material things but his only goal was to be there for his family. He never got married since he was too focus with his simple priorities to help and to take care of his nieces and nephews. But one day he was shoot and killed with no reasons at all. This suspect and one accomplished had 4 old cases but they always get out of it. Some big man are protecting them. Poor Mario if he cannot find justice on earth hopefully he find his answers with GOD.

  2. Benigno Aquino III will have his day of reckoning on judgment day. His father will be embarrassed to have bestowed upon him his name.

  3. Not just his father, but the entire populace who voted for him are already so ashamed of giving him mandate that they are praying for a snap elections.

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