EDSA@31:What’s to celebrate?

The commemoration of the EDSA Revolt have come and gone, but a lingering question remains unanswered for the marginalized majority. Continue reading


Killing in Lahug

end-impunityWe, in the human rights umbrella KARAPATAN-Cebu, is concerned over the fatal shooting of an outspoken urban poor resident in the fire-stricken Sitio Avocado, Barangay Lahug, Cebu City last Wednesday night. Continue reading

PNP sued by peasant activists

Not just the chief, but practically the entire police force in Carmen, Cebu, was sued by peasant activists yesterday (12 August 2013) afternoon “for fabricating evidence, perjury and other corrupt practices that state security forces employ habitually against political dissenters.” Continue reading

Why I am on a 12-day (July 11-22) Hunger Strike . . .

1199752212In December 2010, MalacañangppPatriarca announced it will review the cases of more than 200 political prisoners – most of whom were unjustly arrested for opposing the 9 year Arroyo regime – with the end-view of affecting their release. Continue reading