Beyond Reforms: Overhauling the Judiciary

Letter to the Editor
20 April, 2018

Like other basic necessities under the current dispensation, justice is escaping the reach of victims of state abuses.

It is not just that access to the courts remains expensively prohibitive. It is more because of the diminution of the tattered integrity of the reactionary justice system to mere tokenism woven to fit the elitist caprices of whoever gets hold of the reins of power.

The current intramural within the halls of the so-called court of last resort demonstrate this fact. The infighting between magistrates of factions of the ruling class reveals the sickening depths of horse-trading and political accommodation that have infected to the core this primary “pillar of justice.” Continue reading


Amnesty International barred from seeing political detainee

We, in KARAPATAN-Central Visayas, are disgusted over the rude treatment of international human rights observers at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center this afternoon.

Members of the London-based Amnesty Internationale were at the said jail to visit political prisoner and peace-advocate Ramon Patriarca, when they were barred at the gate by agency-hired security guards. Continue reading