Closer Scrutiny, Not Closure

end-impunityContrary to the avowals of the Marcoses and loyal apologists, the impending hero’s burial of the ousted dictator is not providing closure to an infamous rule, but opening it up for closer scrutiny by forgetful generations of both young and old. Continue reading


Remembering the Horrors and Heroism during Martial Law

ImageI join my fellow political prisoners (PPs) in this week-long fasting for all victims and survivors of Martial Law.
The state of open terror was unleashed by the US-backed Marcos regime 40 years ago.  It was a time when a dictator brutalized the Filipino people with widespread human rights violations.  Student activists and trade unionists were “salvaged”.  Entire farming communities were hamletted and bombed.  The political opposition was arrested en masse and tortured.  Intellectuals and professionals were suppressed.  It was indeed a horrifying time. Continue reading